In the Steps of St. Paul, video review

H.V. Morton remains one of the best travels writers of all time. He was the consummate English gentlemen, with a solid perspective, a remarkable grasp of history, and a willingness to plunge into the world at full speed. In 1936, he wrote In the Steps of St. Paul, a travelogue of his journey following the missionary journeys of St. Paul. Here’s my video review.

If you’re planning on traveling to any parts of the world covered in this book, take the time to read it. It will augment your knowledge and make the trip that much more enjoyable. Happy travels!


ESV Study Version, video discussion

The English Standard Version Study Bible has proved to be an invaluable resource for me as I do research for a novel I’ve been working on for nearly two years. Of course, it contains the text of the Bible, but it also features an introduction to each book by a scholar who provides additional contextual insight. Then there are the diagrams, maps, and illustrations, as well as glossaries and cross reference indices. Here’s my video discussion:

If you’re interested in a deeper look at the Bible, I can highly recommend this version. And don’t forget, it comes with the key to access the content on the internet, which makes it that much easier. All in all, a useful study tool.

Spirit of Aruba Community and Book Café, video

The Spirit of Aruba Community and Book Café hosts all sorts self-improvement programs including nutritional seminars, wellness meetings, and counseling sessions. They also have a diverse library with books in four languages. Take a look at my video visit:

Whether you’re looking for a yoga class or quiet place to read a good story or class to learn about karma, check out the Spirit of Aruba. It’s an interesting place to renew yourself.

The Rules of Civility, video review

I just finished reading The Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. Here’s my book review video:

It is a shame for this book. The writing is truly brilliant, but it was squandered on a meandering, myopic, mélange of a story lacking enough plot to keep the reader engaged. Sure, the descriptions of New York, the set pieces of the rich and famous partying are intriguing in themselves, but without building toward anything, they fall flat.

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