Nikon F3

Way back when (the 1980’s anyway) the Nikon F3 was a top of the line 35mm camera. After saving my money for a long time, I bought a new one in 1986. It’s a little dusty, but here it is, complete with the MD4 motor drive:


This camera has traveled everywhere I’ve gone, never once missing a shot. Here’s a look at the other side:


And speaking of the MD4 motor drive, the ergonomics of it were perfect for my hands as seen in the next photo:


The motor drive, with 8 AA batteries, made for a sturdy hand-hold and great base. I’m not sure how many rolls of film I ran through this camera, thousands at the very least. Having just found a local lab that will process b/w film, I’ve decided to take it out for a spin, just to see how things look. Of course, it’s all digital now, but the simplicity of this camera (in today’s terms) can’t be beat. Remember, it’s the quality of the light, much more than the quality of the camera, that makes for great photos. Try it, you’ll see.

Plane Panorama

Today was the day to test out the new little digital camera. It’s been about 4 years since I bought a new camera. Plenty has changed and improved. This time I decided to go with the Sony DSC-TX9. This is a fine device. Uploading photos to my Mac is a little different than before. But it works. So, I went out to my friendly neighborhood airport to test the panorama function. You simply press the shutter button and turn to the right. The camera automatically takes the photos and assembles them into a finished piece. Take a look by clicking on the photo to open it in a separate window which will give you the entire sweep.

This was a challenging test because of the low angle of the sun, the different light levels, and the subject matter. You see a little bit of lens flare on the right of the frame. This is not the camera’s fault. In fact, it dealt with it very well, exposing for the bright sun and somehow still capturing the details in that last plane. In a word: impressive. I would recommend this camera for all your general photo needs. It’s barely the size of a deck of cards. With a single SD card you can shoot about 500 photos. The battery is easy to slip in and out for recharge. Not bad for one low price. Enjoy the sights.

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