Disney In Aruba?

There are some strange constructions on the island of Aruba. This one caught my eye in Seroe Preto, near San Nicolaas. It’s the site of a Disney-like castle that is lit up with Christmas lights during the season. Here it is during the day, in summer.

That’s quite a piece of work. The next photo shows the view from up there, which is equally impressive.

Finally, here is the direct Disney connection, a painting on the wall.

Snow White and her seven Arubian dwarfs are on display. Come Christmastime, I look forward to checking this place out when it’s shining bright against the Caribbean sky.

Bon dia.

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Christmas Lights, Aruba

The Christmas lights are going up all around Aruba. Some people go to great lengths to light up their houses and businesses. They have the old standbys as well as the latest and greatest when it comes to holiday lighting. Check out this guy’s place:

I like those bells and flowers. He also has the full range of colors. Here’s another example:

Wow, glad I won’t be paying that electricity bill. Still, it captures the festive spirit of the season. If you happen to leave the island via airplane, these lights would be a fantastic sight from the sky. I’ll have to give that a try before the First of the New Year.

Bon dia.

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