Rivers of Clouds

Very pleasant flight this morning. Took off from home base and headed north by slightly east. After passing over Allentown, the rolling hills of Pennsylvania were filled with rivers of clouds. Here’s the photo:

Rivers of clouds as seen from 5,500 ft.

That photo was taken at 5,500 feet above sea level. Continuing north, I stopped off at Mount Pocono (KMPO). Great airport. Here’s the view from 3,500:

Mount Pocono Airport (KMPO) as seen from 3,500 ft.

It’s nice to have crossing runways because it gives you flexibility depending upon wind direction for landing. So, another couple of hours in the log book. The Diamond DA-40 flew like a dream and Allentown Approach did a great job keeping traffic flowing. Can’t wait for the next flight.

Dawn, Aruba

Not a morning person? That’s a shame. However, if you are, you already know that sunrise can be as spectacular as sunset. Here’s one from the southern tip of Aruba.

Before dawn, the rest of the world has yet to have their morning coffee, to pick up the phone, and start interrupting whatever we early-birds are doing. That’s okay. To each his own.

I’ve always been a morning person, getting more writing done between five and noon than I do the rest of the day. Some of my friends work over night shifts. They’re eating supper when the rest of us are having breakfast. When we meet up, it’s an usual table setting.

Anyway, don’t forget that life isn’t so short as it is precious. Whatever your habits, make the most of every day.

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