Coca-Cola signs, Aruba

Aruba features great Coca-Cola signage, from old-time painted walls to newer laminates like this one at a local Chinese restaurant.

Coca-Cola sign at the Rising Dragon Chinese Bar in Aruba.

Coca-Cola sign at the Rising Dragon Chinese Bar in Aruba.

I’ve been out taking more pictures of all kinds of cultural icons here in Aruba. Some of them are disappearing and new ones are cropping up. It’s good to have a record of the change so we know where we came from, even if we don’t know where we’re going.

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Coca-Cola Twins

It’s amazing to see the creative ways The Coca-Cola Company markets its legendary elixir. Here’s a pair of “bottles” that are actually made out of aluminum.

These bottles hold about 8.5 ounces, the perfect serving size for a refreshing treat. I can’t imagine what they’ll come up with next, but I’m sure it will be of excellent design and impressive creativity. Enjoy Coca-Cola! Ice-cold of course!

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Carry Out

The Coca-Cola signage in Aruba is fantastic. I spotted this mini-billboard here in Aruba, at the exit for a drive-through distributor of soft drinks.

Recently, many signs have been updated at the snack shops and other places. I’ve always been impressed with the ability of Coke to keep its brand fresh. That’s no easy task for a product that has been around so long. Remember, always enjoy your Coca-Cola ice-cold.

Bon dia.

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Bebidas Frias, Madrid

Traveling through Spain, I took various opportunities to check out the Coca-Cola signage. Madrid (and Spain in general) is dominated by Coca-Cola soft drinks. Of course! It’s the real thing. Anyway, I came across many signs with retro themes including this set. First, the vertical.

That’s an excellent sign with the pretty lady at the top. Here’s the horizontal that was on the door.

Furthermore, in most every store I purchased a Coke it was ICE COLD. Ah, refreshing! I’ll have more Coke signs in future posts from the recent voyage around Spain. Stay tuned.

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