Hotel Villa Soro, San Sebastian, Spain

A cultural hot spot in Spain, San Sebastian has some fantastic lodgings. I had  the pleasure of staying at the Hotel Villa Soro recently, which is a handsome building along a popular boulevard.

DSC_2605.JPGInside this manor, you’ll find a number of comfortable spaces, such as this lounge, complete with fresh flowers.

DSC_2608The flowers are a wonderful touch, making a beautiful space that much more appealing. Here’s a look at the annex, where there are more guest rooms:

DSC_2614.JPGAnd a look at a typical guest room there:

DSC_2596.JPGAnd the bathroom:

DSC_2598Which of course is stocked with quality toiletries:

DSC_2599In my next post, I show photos of the common areas, lounges and such at this excellent hotel. Then a final post for the breakfast. Stay tuned! There will be two more posts about the Hotel Villa Soro.

Bucks County Designer Show Home

The Bucks County Designer Show Home offered me and several other authors the opportunity to hold a book signing during their annual event. It was held in Solebury and featured several buildings, all creatively decked out by various designers. Here are a few photos of the outdoor spaces which were impressively done.

bucks3Below you’ll see a comfortable outdoor spot, complete with fire pit, seating, and lights draped around a woven cluster of branches and vines.

bucks4Of course, flowers must be everywhere and here is a good look at the variety around another welcoming outdoor space.

bucks2I saved the interiors for your actual visit, which can be made through the 31st of May. It’s worth your time and travel expenses. Plus, the admission fee helps support a local hospital, certainly a worthy cause. My thanks to the team that puts this event together. I appreciate the opportunity to meet book lovers as well as to enjoy the show home.