Casa de Tepa, Astorga, Spain

Casa de Tepa is the type of unique accommodation that I enjoy most. It has the unique taste and style of the owners as well as plenty of history. Tucked behind a wall, you’ll find this place complete with a lovely courtyard which is perfect for relaxing after a long day of business or touring.


As for rooms, there are plenty to choose from. Here’s a large one in which I stayed.

DSC_2765And the view from the other side:

DSC_2766And here’s a view of the spacious bathroom:

DSC_2767Plenty of space with all the fine toiletries you would expect. Then there are the common areas:

DSC_2771There are several:

DSC_2769Plus, a charming staff, delicious breakfast? What more could you want. If you’re in the Astorga area, I can highly recommend this place.


Hotel Villa Soro, San Sebastian, Spain

A cultural hot spot in Spain, San Sebastian has some fantastic lodgings. I had  the pleasure of staying at the Hotel Villa Soro recently, which is a handsome building along a popular boulevard.

DSC_2605.JPGInside this manor, you’ll find a number of comfortable spaces, such as this lounge, complete with fresh flowers.

DSC_2608The flowers are a wonderful touch, making a beautiful space that much more appealing. Here’s a look at the annex, where there are more guest rooms:

DSC_2614.JPGAnd a look at a typical guest room there:

DSC_2596.JPGAnd the bathroom:

DSC_2598Which of course is stocked with quality toiletries:

DSC_2599In my next post, I show photos of the common areas, lounges and such at this excellent hotel. Then a final post for the breakfast. Stay tuned! There will be two more posts about the Hotel Villa Soro.

Hospederia del Vino, Ábalos, Spain

During a recent visit to the La Rioja region of Spain, I had the pleasure of staying at the Hospederia del Vino. Located at the very edge of the hamlet of Ábalos, this is an active winery with a comfortable guest house, complete with pool and hot tub.


The main building seen above features several guest room and the various places for dining and meeting. Here’s a look at the pool, which is indoors.


Plenty of room in the water for you and all your friends. The Hospederia is operated by the Puelles family, and Jesús is passionate about his wine and country, so definitely opt for the wine tour and tasting. Here’s a look at the room:

DSC_2454.JPGEverything here for a comfortable stay, including a well appointed bathroom that can be seen in the next photo:

DSC_2455There is plenty of parking, a great breakfast, and all the tranquility you need for a great sleep. More about Spain soon!

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Hotel Palacio San Facundo, Segovia (2014)

Hotel Palacio San Facundo stands on its own tiny square very close to the heart of Segovia’s old town.

Hotel Palacio San Facundo, Segovia, Spain.

Hotel Palacio San Facundo, Segovia, Spain.

From here, it is an easy walk to the Plaza Mayor, cathedral, and many great restaurants. I took a standard room for this visit.

Standard room at Hotel Palacio San Facundo, Segovia, Spain.

Standard room at Hotel Palacio San Facundo, Segovia, Spain.

And here’s view of the bathroom as well:

Bathroom in standard room at Hotel Palacio San Facundo, Segovia, Spain.

Bathroom in standard room at Hotel Palacio San Facundo, Segovia, Spain.

Sleeping here was easy, as the hotel is away from the bustle of the plaza mayor. Yet only a couple of blocks away you’ll find some great places for snacks and drinks. Also, this central courtyard provides an excellent space for dining or business meetings.

Courtyard of Hotel Palacio San Facundo, Segovia, Spain.

Courtyard of Hotel Palacio San Facundo, Segovia, Spain.

The hotel has onsite parking, which may be useful if your traveling by car. Staff are friendly and helpful, providing great recommendations for dining and the sights to see. Take your time, but do as much as you can.