Win Tung Home Center, Aruba

Win Tung Home Center sells everything from complete sets of furniture to common household items to tools to T-shirts. This is a zany place, one of those businesses here in Aruba that never disappoints. You may go here looking for something as innocuous as a plastic laundry basket and come out an hour later with a three frying pans, half a dozen screw drivers, and a lamp. Here’s a look at their building.

wingtungaIt’s tons of fun to check out this place on a regular basis because every time a ship calls at the port it’s possible Win Tung received another container of “stuff.” Upstairs is where you find the furniture, everything from living/dining room sets to complete office arrangements. Much of it is the high-lacquer style popular in Asian countries but they do have a variety of choices. Prices here are usually quite good but it always pays to shop around this island. Sometimes one item is much cheaper than the same item somewhere else.

wintungbFinally, check out the lion statue closely. You’ll see a small lion atop the foot of the big lion. Both are roaring and that’s sure to chase the evil spirits away. Right?

Bon dia from Aruba.

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