One Happy Podcast, Aruba

Recently, Curtis from One Happy Podcast contacted me for an interview. His podcast centers on all things Aruba, so I was thrilled for the opportunity to share my experiences of the island. Here’s the link to the interview:

Curtis asked some great questions and has the patience to let me ramble on about writing, Aruba, and various other things. His podcast is a great way to get first-hand info about the island, so check in frequently.

Bon dia.

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Interview with ATV 15, Aruba

This afternoon, Yentl Lieuw of ATV 15, Aruba’s NBC affiliate, interviewed me about my novels, An Island Away and Under A Blue Flag. This was fun and informative, working with professional news people, seeing them practicing their craft. Here’s a still shot of my mug.

Next time, I’ll be sure not to reach for the water bottle when someone is taking a snap. Ah, no worries. I enjoy these interviews. Lots of fun talking about books, writing, Aruba, three of my favorite subjects. I only wish I could go back and edit, the way it’s possible to polish up a paragraph in a book. That way, no one gets to see the mistakes.

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Occupy Philadelphia, video interview #1

Occupy Philadelphia continues its protest at Philadelphia City Hall. Here is a brief interview, uncut, of two people who joined the protest. Draw your own conclusions.

There are two more interviews to come from footage taken on Saturday, 15 October 2011. They will be posted here and on YouTube. They are unedited and you are invited to draw your own conclusions.

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Rob Port Interview

Rob Port of the Say Anything Blog interviewed me about my novel, Universal Coverage. Here’s a link to the audio file.

Rob read the book carefully, and it was a pleasure speaking with him about it.