Rooi Koochi Residence, Aruba

Some regular readers of this blog have asked me to photograph a housing development in Aruba that is more integrated with the island, as opposed to the large timeshare and condo projects. There is a small housing development called Rooi Koochi Residence, which is located about eight miles south of the airport, just past the town of Savaneta. This project is inland. However, from some of the homes on the upper side, it is possible to see down to the ocean.

The homes that are being constructed here are of good quality, at least as far as I can tell. Here is a photo of one under construction.

They’re getting ready to pour the ring beam and the front columns that I mentioned in previous posts regarding construction. Let me say here, I do not know the developers of this project, nor do I have any ownership interest in it. I have simply photographed it and placed these pictures on the blog to show a project that I believe is not only typical, but of good quality. The homes along the upper ridge of this development have been there for at least 4 years that I know and are lived in by people who keep them in very good condition. Here’s a look at one of them.

And then, looking down the cross street, you’ll see a home that was only finished about six months ago and beyond it is the ocean.

Whatever your choice for housing in Aruba, always use qualified professionals to help. Talk to as many people as you can, ask every question you can think of, and don’t be afraid to keep looking for what you truly want. There are many nice homes in a wide range of prices. These days there are plenty of real estate agents, most all of them with good reputations. Take your time. Paradise will be here.