Future Pool with a View

There’s a new home being built in San Fuego, Aruba. The home will feature a large swimming pool with a nice view out over the island. Here’s a photo of the current status of construction.

poolfuegSan Fuego is centrally located on the island. It’s also an elevated area. From the second story of homes here, you can see the Caribbean sea to the west. To the east, there is the Arikok National Park. The builder tells me there will be a covered pavilion at the end of the pool to offer some shade. In the foreground is the porch that surrounds the house.

There are a number of pleasant areas to build a new home or buy an existing one here in Aruba. If you’re looking for a vacation home or another place to hang your hat, think about one here.

Bon dia.

Hot Water, Aruba

Many homes in Aruba do not have running hot water. Some use small, point of use units to heat water used in the shower. These are typically electrically powered and draw quite a bit of current. However, the other day I spotted this solar hot water unit.

solarhotwater1This unit is actually quite sophisticated. It has a flat collector plate that captures the sun’s rays, transferring the heat to water piped through the collector area. Then the hot water is stored in an insulated tank you see at the top left of the unit. This way, even after the sun goes down, you have hot water on demand. Here in Aruba, where the sun is very strong, this unit can deliver enough hot water for a typical family of four. The best part is, after the initial investment of purchasing and installing it, there are no additional costs. This one is mounted at ground level for easy maintenance but they can also be mounted on top of the roof.

If you’re considering a home in Aruba, I strongly suggest a system like the one pictured above. It will save you money in the long run and thereby make your island home that much more affordable.

Bon dia from Aruba.

San Fuego Residence, Aruba

San Fuego Residence in Aruba is a small development located near the center of the island. It is also at one of the highest points on the island. The houses being built here have the advantage of fronting a brand new concrete road as well. Lot sizes range from 1,000 square meters to over 3,000 square meters (about 1/4 to nearly a full acre.) I made this short video to show three houses under construction. You’ll see the foundation of one, roof details of another, and a complete roof on the final one. People ask me about home construction here in Aruba and I hope this video answers some questions.

The fortunate owners of these homes will soon be enjoying the steady breeze and beautiful views that can be found in San Fuego. I would build a two-story home here because from the second floor it is possible to see all the way to the Caribbean. Similarly, this would be a great place to have an amateur telescope to view the stars and planets. Many nights are clear and given that there aren’t many houses in this area, there is very little light to ruin your star gazing.

Having a home in Aruba is a wonderful thing, especially if you find a place like San Fuego which is more “authentic” than a huge development in other spots. Here things are quiet, casual, and welcoming as opposed noisy and hectic. Choose your vacation home wisely, don’t compromise your goals, and do frequent inspections during construction.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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The World, (ResidenSea Vessel), Aruba

The World is a unique way to own a vacation home. Imagine a cruise ship where you own your suite. They have studio apartments as well as one and two bedroom units that you can purchase. The best part about this concept is that the ship moves from port to port, traversing the world to a new destination on a regular basis. Here is a short video of The World as spotted in Oranjestad, Aruba.

Readers of this blog know that I love to travel and owning my own apartment on a ship sounds like a great idea. Don’t have the money just yet and I prefer to stay put for a little longer than a few days. Still, the concept is very appealing. And if I hit the lottery, I might just grab one of these places for the fun of it.

Here is the website for the ship. Maybe you already have the cash for a nice cabin. http://www.aboardtheworld.com/

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