Sharpening Knives, Spain

While in Oviedo, Spain, I spotted this fellow sharpening knives outside a popular restaurant.


His bicycle powered grinding wheel was quite fascinating, providing both transportation and the means to conduct his business. While I watched, a waiter took one of the knives in to the chef and then returned to request more work on it. Low-tech for sure, yet very functional. Impressive in its utility and economy. Such is life in Spain. Always interesting.

The Jobs We Do

I have the good fortune to meet a large number of people during my travels and book events. A couple of days ago, a fellow came up to me at the airport in Aruba and we were talking about his job. He works for a major aerospace company, developing electronic counter-measures that defeat incoming missiles and such. (How this works, I have no idea. I still operate in the fountain pen age.) At any rate, the devices and software this fellow develops and improves are fitted to aircraft of all types, making it safer for the pilots and passengers, etc. He related a story to me how one of the pilots came to their shop and held up a photo of his family. The pilot said that his family was grateful for all the hard work the guy and his team did. Thanks to them, he was alive.

There are lots of evil people in this world and it takes many more good people to stop them doing the nasty things they do. I was impressed with this man’s abilities and the story he told me.

Remember, there are a million little things going on behind the scenes that make our vehicles operate properly, our airplanes stay on course, our medical devices work perfectly. And it’s good people who make all that possible as well as mostly invisible. We only complain when it DOESN’T work.

My heartfelt thanks to all those out there whose names I don’t know, but SHOULD know because what they do is immensely MORE important than a movie star or sports champion. These unnamed folks are the ones that really count. I only wish our media would pay more attention to them. I, for one, would like to know who they are and give them the credit they have rightfully earned.

Thank you.

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