An Island Away, Excerpt 3

Below is the third excerpt from my novel, An Island Away, which takes place on the island of Aruba.

Page 280… Once again, Charlie is on his veranda with his cat, Screwball, observing Main Street, where Sam and his pals as well as Captain Beck have just ended a night out…

Charlie was impressed. Captain Beck apparently knew when to call it a night. The man was a sailor, but he was of the new breed that navigated with computers and didn’t risk a flogging for sneaking booze onto the boat. That kind of person often took an overdose of San Nicolaas that left him wrecked physically and mentally.

When the refinery was first sold by Esso, the new owners had sent several dozen American managers. Five of them ended up divorced twice, once from their wives in the States, and a second time from the whores they married. Nonetheless, Charlie was pleased the Captain had fallen in with the boys. Their carousing was mostly harmless, at least to others. As for themselves, well, that was their problem.

“Sam needs to take it easy,” Charlie said to Screwball. “A little taste, maybe a bite or two.”

Captain Beck was a little smarter. He tested the water one toe at a time. Of course, it didn’t mean he wouldn’t eventually fall in. It wasn’t the first step that was slippery; they all were.

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