Screaming Eagle Restaurant, Aruba

For an upscale dining experience during your stay in Aruba, you might want to try the Screaming Eagle Restaurant, which is located between the low and high-rise hotel areas. Both indoor and outdoor dining are available in this spacious location. Here’s a look at the building.

The bar is well stocked, well staffed, and well equipped to satisfy your thirst if you simply want a good drink in a funky atmosphere. And the atmosphere here is very “lounge.” That type of music plays softly, there are burning candles everywhere, and lots of gauzy fabrics hanging as seen below.

If your prefer to dine in bed, that is also available as can be seen here.

That’s not my style, but I can appreciate how some newlyweds might find it romantic or someone who wants to deepen their lifestyle groove might find it attractive. Table and chairs are my preferred dining support equipment. Whatever your choice, let’s have a look at the food. I went with the tried and true here because in Aruba I’m usually eating more downscale than this. I also think the standard dishes are a good test of a restaurant because if they don’t invest any quality in them, then I know they’re all style – no substance.

Well, things turned out fine. My wife and one friend started with the escargot, which came piping hot with delicious, creative toasts on the side. I had a shrimp cocktail, which was good and included a delicious salad beneath the shrimps. We moved on to the main course and we’re equally pleased.

My wife had the duck which she proclaimed fantastic (photo below).

One friend had the veal, also very good (photo below).

The other friend had the lamb, again, good, (yet another photo below).

And I had a sirloin as you can see here.

I like my steaks cooked medium well and here the Screaming Eagle missed the mark a little. The steak was much more medium. I never send them back, because they’ll only be dried out. For this small error I can not fault them as if the diner doesn’t really like his meat cooked there’s no going back. Still, it was fine.

Service here is about the highest quality on the island. The waiter did a thorough job without being intrusive, the captain surveyed the room and our table a few times, keeping her sharp eye on everything, and the bar staff supported the operation with fine beverages on the fly.

Prices are steep compared to what I’m used to paying on the other side of the island. But quality pays, it doesn’t cost. I would recommend this place for that special dinner out with friends and family, that time you want to treat yourself to a great meal in a unique atmosphere.

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