Today was the first day riding my bicycle here in Aruba in a long time. I remembered the steady trade winds that Aruba is famous for. Similarly, I’ve been riding more than 125 miles per week in the States before arriving here. Nonetheless, those headwinds literally held me back. WOW! 15 TO 20 knots on the bow is enough to double the workout, which is a good thing. I figured I would ride into the wind on the way out, then turn with the wind for the ride back. This plan worked generally, but I was puffing that first half hour or forty-five minutes to the point where I was contemplating a good puke just to relieve the manifold pressure. Anyway, sailing back was easier but I burned out earlier so I was unable to take full advantage of the push.

If you need to train for a road race and want some challenging conditions, come to Aruba and ride mostly to the south, south east. Works every time.

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