Romans in Sasamón

The Romans ranged far and wide across what is no Spain. Augusts camped out in what was the Celtiberian town of Segisamo (hence Sasamón) on his way to make war with the Cantabrians. The Romans were conquest crazy and didn’t let up until someone put a beating on them. As they did throughout the known world of their time, the Romans left all manner of artifacts behind, from aqueducts, to coins, to theatres, to mosaic floors. In the town of Sasamón, you’ll find some interpretations of their civilization such as the scene below.

There are authentic pieces mixed with newer versions. And here are the real coins of realm.

And a few more just for contrast.

That was real money, plunked down for goods and services when the Western Hemisphere was not yet known by Europeans. Roman ruins, gothic cathedrals, modern art, great food, just a few of the many reasons I enjoy visiting Spain.

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