Hotel Villa de Ábalos

Hotel Villa de Ábalos is a marvelous place to stay in the Rioja region of Spain. I’ve been waxing poetic about many of the small hotels that served me well during the past visit, and they all did a fine job. There’s always a few that stand out, and Villa de Ábalos takes the trophy. Ábalos itself is a tiny town, surrounded by vineyards and bodegas. There are some larger boroughs nearby, but I found no reason to explore them when this tiny spot had everything to make the stay comfortable and interesting.

You see the building there in the photo above. It’s hard to imagine the entire structure was gutted and rebuilt by the current owner. He has a great scrapbook filled with photos showing the work in progress. Take time to check it out. In doing so, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for the hard work the individuals invest into these establishments.

At the reception desk I was met by a very competent man who gave me a tour of the facility, asked about arranging tours, restaurants, and directions to other destinations. From here, we moved up the stairs.

The stairs are original to the palacio into which the hotel was built. At the top, you’ll notice a still. Hmmm…. Rioja is a wine region but someone liked to make a beverage a bit stronger. Nothing was said but a few knowing winks and nods were exchanged. Anyway, into the room we went.

Cozy, comfortable.

This place had steam heat directed through radiators. It had the kind of hot water that cleans away the road grit, too. What a blessing after some less than tepid showers! There are also a number of common areas for you to gather, have a glass of wine, and do a bit of work on the WiFi.

Speaking of  wine… the owner makes his own, both red and white. This year, 2010, he just released his first white, and it was delicious. We drank a bottle in the afternoon and another with supper, which the man served himself. Talk about personal service! I’ll have a separate post about that. In the mean time, if you like to tour wineries, kickback with a glass, and do it in style, Hotel Villa de Ábalos should be at the top of your list.

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