Ritz Construction, Aruba

Ritz Carlton is constructing a new hotel in Aruba. It is located just north of the Marriott complex. At the time of this writing, the main road leading to Malmok has been diverted around the site, leaving the bridge to Bakval impassable as you can see in this first photo.

The building site itself shows signs of foundation work, which is evident in this next photo. (The Marriott hotel can be seen in the right corner.)

And here is another view from the other direction.

The reinforcing rods sticking up from the ground will probably tie the building into the pilings on which the structure will stand. It was difficult to get a good angle for photographing the site because there is an eight foot fence around it. Probably wise to keep gawkers like me away. At any rate, there is the update on the Ritz construction.

Bon dia.

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