Jim Croce’s songs

Remember when music was intelligible? When you could understand the lyrics? When the music was produced by people playing instruments as opposed to computers regurgitating digital samples of who knows what? Whether you remember or not, may I suggest thumbing through some old vinyl or surfing down through the download device of your choice to Mr. Jim Croce.

Croce was a guy with talent for the ironic. You’ve heard his songs in all manner of venues, but take a moment to listen to them on their own. Maybe in your car or sitting on the porch with a nice cocktail. One of my favorites is “Two Less Footsteps.” The man gets it spot on here. The song tells its story, moves along like an ambling freight train, delivering a wry smile and clever grin before it’s over.

I’m not sure who produces this kind of music today. Maybe no one. At least, not in English. (In Spanish I can recommend Julietta Venegas for one.) Too much doom and gloom. Too much bass, not enough skill, and precious little irony or finesse. Your suggestions to rectify the hole in my present music library would be much appreciated.

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