Willypan, Aruba

Willypan Bakery and Reposteria is located on Rodgerstraat in San Nicolaas, Aruba. It’s basically around the corner from Charlie’s Bar. In my quest for continued caloric conquest, I stopped in here after a sojourn at the aforementioned house of hospitality.

Looking for a treat, I was not disappointed. The nice fellow working behind the counter served me up three pastries: one with cheese, one with carmel and one with a strawberry filling. This chap told me he was from Medellin, Colombia. We had a few minutes’ conversation to polish my Spanish, talk shop about baking, and off I went.

Prices are cheap, basically between 2 and 7 florins, 1.50 to 4 US dollars. Can’t go wrong for that price. And the aroma of fresh baked bread, rolls, and pastry is a great way to stimulate the appetite for the mighty Bandeja Paisa or other feast of your choice.

Bon dia.

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Canton Overseas, Aruba

Canton Overseas is a little bar/restaurant I stumbled into last week while running errands on the east side of Oranjestaad. I like small, local joints for snacks or an ice-cold Coca-Cola. Passing by this place, I saw a pleasant looking Chinese woman working an outdoor grill with real charcoal under the metal. I thought to myself, hey, this is worth a try. In I go to find a buffet line with roast chicken, ribs, fried rice, and a bunch of other items. Naturally, I ordered up a couple of plates. Check it out.

Simple fare to be sure. That’s roast chicken and a some pieces of spicy chicken, too. The nice thing was, you could buy each piece and mix and match. Can’t beat that for variety and value. Two platters as shown, with tap water followed by a Coca-Cola cost all of 21 florins, about 12-13 US dollars. Great price. I’ve been back a few times with good results. The young man working behind the bar has also taught me some Chinese words which will come in handy sooner or later.

Bon dia.

View Over The Wall

Many homes (if not all) in Aruba have walls around them. The old adage of good fences makes for good neighbors is the way to think about it. Either way, I was looking out the front window while writing and decided it was time to take a photo. Not very exciting but a decent view nonetheless:

That’s the view between all the rain that’s been falling this season. Amazing, but good for the green things that grow here. In fact the island is much greener than I’ve ever seen it during my 15 years visiting. Here’s another shot, this one taken before sunset.

Not too shabby, eh? The ocean is right there between the mangroves. You can see it easily when things are a bit drier. Who knows, maybe Aruba will become a green island like Jamaica. You never know. In the mean time, I’ll be thankful for the sights, enjoy the time here, and keep writing.

Bon dia.

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Amadeus Redux, Aruba

Amadeus Restaurant in Aruba has been doing very well, and with good reason. The food is good, the service reliable, and the value excellent. This post will be a photo essay of our recent visit with friends to this establishment. It started with drinks at the bar. We then moved to a nice table for appetizers. They were… a shrimp cocktail…

…and a coconut shrimp starter, too…

Two of our quartet ordered the escargot. It came as follows in a savory mushroom sauce.

Moving on to entrees. There was a veal chop…

…a chicken schnitzel…

…and two wiener schnitzels…

Everything was cooked just right, flavorful, and well presented. Of course, all that food was plenty but we had to have a touch of dessert to complete the meal. There were strawberries and icecream…

…and mini-cream puffs by another name I can’t remember…

So, if you’re on the island and want a reasonably priced, excellent meal, try Amadeus. They’re building a fine reputation.

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