In A Big Country…

…you can fly forever. Well, almost. I took a nice flight to Sullivan County International Airport in Monticello, NY. The sky was mostly clear along the way, with a thin layer of clouds at 3,500 and 5,500. On the way north, I stopped at Mount Pocono (KMPO). Here’s a look at the first airport.

Runway 31-13 has just been repaved making for a smooth touchdown and rollout. After resetting the instruments I took off for Sullivan County (KMSV) which can be seen below.

That’s a long runway for a little plane like the Cessna 172 that I’m flying. And check out the trees. The leaves have just started to turn. On the way south, I passed by this big reservoir.

Yeah, in a big country you can fly a long while in small plane. Sure beats driving, too. The view is better, there’s less traffic, and it’s just plane fun. Don’t forget to watch your airspeed and always do your checklist.

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