Helicopter Flying, Aruba

For several years, I’ve wanted to take the helicopter tour of Aruba. I know the island very well from ground level, and I’ve seen it when arriving and departing via commercial aircraft. However, it was time to see it from about 500 above ground level. In order to stay on budget, I combined a bit of sight-seeing with a real estate photo mission. Worked out perfectly. So, here’s a video showing takeoff from the Seaport Marina, flying north along the low- and high-rise hotel area to the Marriott Complex. Next, we turned inland toward Paradera then south to Spanish Lagoon and my neighborhood of Savaneta. From there it’s inland toward the windmills at Vader Piet, an important location in my next novel, Hacha’s Gold. Finally, a turn north and west, past the Palo Margo raceway and along the coast to the heliport. Check it out.

The pilot did an excellent job of orbiting around the sites I wanted to photograph. There is a fair amount of traffic in and out of the Queen Beatrix Airport, which is very close to where we were flying. He had to juggle the control tower’s orders while navigating to and from my requests. The flight wasn’t cheap, but it was worth every cent. If you’re in Aruba, don’t miss the chance to see the island from up there.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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