Pierogies are a favorite of mine. I like them sauteed in a pan with butter and onions, the perfect way to make a whole range of food items. Recently, I found myself in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, USA and there’s a restaurant there known as Hotel Switzerland, directly across the street from the Carbon County Courthouse. In I go, hankering for pierogies and here’s what I got.

Exactly what I ordered! Tasty and hot, I scarfed these down in record time. Here’s a look at the bar.

Nice place to have a drink and a few words with your pals. Sometimes you’ll overhear some gossip from the nearby court house, but I’m not admitting I ever eavesdropped like that. Just sayin’. I’ll be posting more about Jim Thorpe, including some video soon. There’s plenty to see and do in this small town. A nice day trip with the family if you’re not too far away. Keep your eyes peeled to The Bent Page.

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Zeerover’s, A quick visit

Zeerover’s fisherman’s wharf is in Savaneta, Aruba, DWI. This is the kind of place that hasn’t changed much in the past fifty years. Here the daily catch comes in, and if you like, they’ll fry it up for you while you wait. Then you can have a seat, an ice-cold drink, and gaze upon the Caribbean while you eat. There’s also a pool table if you like the challenge. Here’s a video that shows you how to get there from the main highway, heading south. Then there’s a look inside.

During your visit to Aruba, take the time to stop in to Zeerover’s and as many of the other local joints as you can. It’ll add a new dimension to your vacation. Bon dia.

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The Diner Experience

There are places to eat and then there are places to eat. I prefer the diner experience to driving past a window and having somebody toss a bag of pre-chewed gruel into my vehicle. Might as well sit down, use a fork and knife, maybe read the newspaper or a book if you don’t have someone along to chat. Hence, the diner was invented by some ingenious person. Aren’t we all grateful? Absolutely. Now the diner comes in many forms, the squat silver box by the side of the road, the first floor on the corner in the city, or a re-use/remodel of an existing building as in the case of The Coffee Station in Morton, PA. The Coffee Station used to be immediately adjacent to the tracks in this little town west of Philadelphia. Then a bank only a few dozen yards away closed and The Coffee Station relocated there. Take a look at the video.

Dig that jazzy music I put on there, eh? Yeah, anyway, remember the old tiny tabletop jukeboxes in the old diners. They were a blast. For some. Back to the Coffee Station. You’ll get a decent meal here, either breakfast or lunch. It’s the kind of place for scrambled eggs and bacon or pancakes and sausage. There’s also a good club sandwich. You know, the kind of food you expect at a diner. The service is on top of things, which is important because you’re not looking to spend all day, just grab a bite, say hello, and get on with it, whatever it happens to be. Enjoy!

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Blackhawk, Inside and Out

If you ever wondered what a US Army Blackhawk helicopter looked like on the inside and out, take a look at this video I made. This particular helicopter was part of a show at my local airport. The crew was very accommodating, allowing us wing nutz to take a seat at the controls. Here’s the video:

The control panel is not one of those multi-function displays, but rather clusters of individual instruments. You’ll also notice the spartan construction, no fancy woodwork or even smooth sheet metal. Just a raw panel with instruments bolted fast. Makes it easy to replace and repair, which is an important factor in military operations. Since I don’t have my helicopter rating, there was no chance of a jaunt in the this bird, not that it was in the cards if I had the ticket. Still, it was interesting to meet the crew, check out their machine, and learn a few things.

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