An Ideal Location?

Here in Aruba, I’ve been thinking about building myself a little writer’s shack to go with my regular shack. This would be a tiny structure, about 8′ X 12′ or so, a place to focus on the writing and avoid the distractions of the refrigerator and such. Then today, I got to thinking a little more about this and was wondering if it might be better to build the thing on a trailer as I’ve seen some of these tiny houses lately. Then I could roll it around, parking it for the day at a location such as this:

Ideal location for a writer’s shack in Aruba?

Heck of a view there from Savaneta, Aruba, DWI or what? So, I could park for the day, get some work done, and then tote the tiny shack back to the bigger shack for the night. Anyway, like many things, it seems like a good idea. You never know.

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