Tugboat Sunk

Digging into the archives, I found photos of the sinking of the Delilah, an old tugboat that finally found new life as an artificial reef.


The photo is a scan from an negative, with the original image made in the late 1990’s. Here’s a fuzzy shot of the last moments of the sinking:


In fact, I think this was in January of 1998 off the mouth of the Delaware Bay. Surely the hulk is still down there making a home for sea creatures.

An Ideal Location?

Here in Aruba, I’ve been thinking about building myself a little writer’s shack to go with my regular shack. This would be a tiny structure, about 8′ X 12′ or so, a place to focus on the writing and avoid the distractions of the refrigerator and such. Then today, I got to thinking a little more about this and was wondering if it might be better to build the thing on a trailer as I’ve seen some of these tiny houses lately. Then I could roll it around, parking it for the day at a location such as this:

Ideal location for a writer’s shack in Aruba?

Heck of a view there from Savaneta, Aruba, DWI or what? So, I could park for the day, get some work done, and then tote the tiny shack back to the bigger shack for the night. Anyway, like many things, it seems like a good idea. You never know.

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Aruba Bob Snorkeling, video

You won’t meet a guy more friendly than Kent, better known as Aruba Bob. He’s been snorkeling around the island for more than 15 years and takes you on a personal tour through the water. Here’s my interview with him, including a look at some of the sea life you’ll see on one of his adventures.

Those “water scooters” make the snorkeling trip at Mangel Halto twice the fun. You can relax and soar along atop the sea while checking out the sea life. Given the small groups and personalized nature of the snorkel adventure with Kent and his friend, Stuart, you’re bound to have the best time. Enjoy the ocean responsibly.

Baby Beach Improvements

Aruba’s Baby Beach is a popular place for visitors and locals alike. The calm, sheltered water makes for easy swimming. The powder soft sand is comfortable, too. Lately, there have been a number of improvements to the area including a new wall separating the parking area from the beach, new palapa huts with permanent bases, and another snack shack. Here are some photos:

babimpr4Doesn’t that water look nice? Really, it is that blue.

babimpr2You can hang out in the shade when you’re not in the water. You and ten of your friends. Or go get a snack at the following place:

babimpr3And finally, here is a shot of the masonry wall just for eye candy.

babimpr1Enjoy your day at Baby Beach. Don’t forget the sunscreen, big hat, and plenty of water. On your way to your accommodations, why not stop by Charlie’s Bar for a beverage and plenty of fun? Sure, it’s the right thing to do.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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