Not Retro, Just Real!

The Frazer Diner sits on the north side of Route 30 in Frazer, PA, USA. If you’re passing through this area and you’re looking for a true diner experience, then the Frazer Diner is the place to go.

The Frazer Diner, Frazer PA (USA).

You can smell the eggs and bacon frying as soon as you pass through the door.The place has the long counter with the pastries under glass at your elbow and the pass through from the kitchen straight ahead. Check out that giant coffee urn, too. Probably five gallons of joe on hand just in case you need to revive from a wicked night on the town. There are some tables along the other wall, but the counter is where the action is. Conversation between the customers and so forth will give you a reason to listen and laugh. Good club sandwich if you’re there for lunch. Either way, enjoy it. There aren’t too many places like this left.

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