The Full English (breakfast that is)

When in Rome… as the saying goes. So, while in England, I avail myself of the “Full English Breakfast” at the cozy little hotel where I spend some nights. Of course, there are some slight variations to this, but here’s a photo of the quintessential example:

The Full English Breakfast as served at The Clarence Hotel, Windsor, England.

The Full English Breakfast as served at The Clarence Hotel, Windsor, England.

As you can see, that’s quite a plate of food. Baked beans, fried egg, grilled tomato, bacon and sausage on the plate. Then toast, marmalade, juice, and coffee on the side. All this either fuels or conspires against a productive day. Depends on what you’re about. Either way, quite a lot of food. Enjoy every meal.

In-Flight Choices

Several months ago, American Airlines sent me a pleasant email, declaring I could select my entree for the upcoming flight. What a pleasant surprise! Normally, you watch the stewardess roll the cart past your seat, hoping you’ll get your choice. Not a huge issue, but then again, customer satisfaction matters in a competitive industry. So, giving a passenger the opportunity to have his preference means happy days. Of course, there are only two choices, which is fine with me. After all, we’re on an airplane, not in a swanky restaurant. On recent flights, I went with the egg option for breakfast that you see in the next photo:

Breakfast on American Airlines flight from PHL to MIA.

Breakfast on American Airlines flight from PHL to MIA.

The decal on the side even had my name on it. Makes a guy feel important. Food was simple and tasty, again for onboard an airplane. Lunch on the next flight you see below:

Lunch on American Airlines flight from MIA to AUA.

Lunch on American Airlines flight from MIA to AUA.

The novelty item here was the pretzel stick you see in the upper left of the frame. That salad was also very fresh, and I do like my greens with most meals. I very much like the fact that American Airlines gives me this choice. It may seem like a small thing, but it matters because it shows the airline is thinking about ways to make things better. Thanks for a friendly and safe flight.

Apples and Pumpkins, video

Today, I visited the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market and learned quite a bit about apples and pumpkins. It is the season for these two, and the market was chock full of both. Here’s the video, which includes two interviews.

By the way, the building in which the PWPM operates is big enough to contain the Empire State Building (on its side). And, they transact more than a billion dollars worth of business every year. As long as you’re buying a case, you can buy there. So, if you have a big event planned, don’t hesitate to check it out for great prices and the best selection.

Not Retro, Just Real!

The Frazer Diner sits on the north side of Route 30 in Frazer, PA, USA. If you’re passing through this area and you’re looking for a true diner experience, then the Frazer Diner is the place to go.

The Frazer Diner, Frazer PA (USA).

You can smell the eggs and bacon frying as soon as you pass through the door.The place has the long counter with the pastries under glass at your elbow and the pass through from the kitchen straight ahead. Check out that giant coffee urn, too. Probably five gallons of joe on hand just in case you need to revive from a wicked night on the town. There are some tables along the other wall, but the counter is where the action is. Conversation between the customers and so forth will give you a reason to listen and laugh. Good club sandwich if you’re there for lunch. Either way, enjoy it. There aren’t too many places like this left.