Melt Down

No, not a nuclear incident, rather a grilled cheese. I’ve been driving past this place for a while now and finally stopped in to give it a try. Pleasant surprise and mild shock. First, let’s talk about the food. There’s a row of sandwich grillers behind the counter so I ordered up the usual, ham and cheddar on Italian white bread. On the side, smoky corn chowder soup with bacon. Here’s the sandwich:

Melt Down ham and cheddar.

As you can see chips and pickle come with the sandwich. Then there was the soup, which you can see here:

Melt Down’s smoky corn chowder.

Both items were tasty and perfectly cooked, if a bit heavy. This is going to be great food on a cold, rainy November day, or in the depth of winter. Service is very friendly, too. Prices are a little high for what you get, almost $15 for the pair above with a soda. Still, if you’re on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, PA and need a comfort food fix, this place will do a good job.

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