737 Flight Deck

Today, I took an excellent flight from Miami to Aruba via American Airlines. Absolutely fantastic crew from the Captain, to the co-pilot, to the cabin staff. Truly good people doing a great job. The meal was darn good as well; more on that in another post. I had the opportunity to chat with the pilot a few minutes. Here’s a look at the flight deck:

Flight deck of a Boeing 737.

Flight deck of a Boeing 737.

I noticed the llama on the console there and the pilot explained he got in Lima, Peru during a trip there. Here’s a close up:

Llama on the console of 737.

Llama on the console of 737.

I thought that was a nice touch. The pilot explained it was the turbulence indicator. “If it falls over, we have to slow down.” So, another great flight in the books. Thanks again to American Airlines for delivering me safely to my destination.

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