Miss Aruba!

Recently, at a social event, I had the honor of meeting the current Miss Aruba. A charming and interesting young lady, I was impressed with her studies and presentation. Here we are:

Miss Aruba with author Daniel Putkowski

Miss Aruba with author Daniel Putkowski

As you can see, I’m several drinks into the evening. Miss Aruba was gracious enough to tolerate my ramblings. I wish her the best of luck in future contests and with her career.

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El Gaucho, Aruba (driving directions)

This video was made by special request for my friend, John, who enjoys El Gaucho’s steaks. The video begins on Aruba’s main highway, 1A, near the Talk of the Town traffic circle. From there, you’ll go directly to the restaurant.

There are other ways to get there, but I think this is easiest. Plus, you can see where to park as well as the location of Garufa, which is a great cigar bar across the street from El Gaucho. As always, please drive safely. Bon dia.

Aruba Signage is Fantastic

All around the island of Aruba, you’ll find great signage, some of it hand-painted. The names of the stores, bars, restaurants, and various other businesses will amaze and intrigue you. Take a look at this one:

The NEW BIG NEW MINI market. Huh?

The NEW BIG NEW MINI market. Huh?

That’s right! This place is the NEW – BIG  – NEW, mini market. Has to be a winner because they have that giant Coca-Cola bottle on the left. Anyway, if you’re on the island, go for a ride and see the sights, including the local signs. Lots of laughs.

Amuse Bistro, Aruba (video visit)

Doin’ Time With Dan visits Amuse Bistro (again). We enjoyed a great meal last night and had the good fortune to capture most of it on video. Take a look:

As you can see, Amuse gets it all right. Those wonderful dishes were served by a great staff of professionals who know their way around both the food and the wine. Don’t hesitate to ask them about a specific plate or what type of wine would go well with your order. Amuse Bistro is now one of my regular stops when I’m in Aruba.