Jack’s B-B-Q, Nashville, USA

Well, I thought I had the best brisket platter in my life a couple of times. In Texas, in the Carolinas, even in Aruba, I’ve had some darn good brisket. And then, I arrived in Nashville and went to Jack’s on Broadway, where all the music joints are located.

Exterior of Jack's BBQ on Broadway in Nashville, USA.

Exterior of Jack’s BBQ on Broadway in Nashville, USA.

Just walking in this joint, I knew it was going to be good. The delicious aroma was the first giveaway, as was the line, as were the smiles on everyone’s faces. Here’s a look at the interior:

Interior of Jack's BBQ on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Interior of Jack’s BBQ on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

So, I belly up to the buffet line and order a mixed meat platter as well as a brisket platter. Sides included baked beans, cole slaw, mac and cheese, et al. See the photo below:

Mixed meat and brisket platters at Jack's BBQ, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Mixed meat and brisket platters at Jack’s BBQ, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

The first bite of brisket was truly a WOW moment. Cooked low and slow with the right amount of smoke and love, that brisket topped my taste bud chart by far. The other meats, smoked sausage and ribs were darn good, too. I could see myself becoming a regular at this joint. Better renew my gym membership while I’m at it.

Loveless Cafe, 2014

The Loveless Cafe is an institution from the 1950’s that still serves country favorites, drawing people from around the USA and the world. Located just west of Nashville, Tennessee, you’ll find friendly service as well as lots of tasty menu options.

Neon sign for the Loveless Cafe.

Neon sign for the Loveless Cafe.

Of course, this place is famous for it’s biscuits. They’re light, fluffy, delicious. Check them out here:

Biscuits and homemade preserves at Loveless Cafe.

Biscuits and homemade preserves at Loveless Cafe.

The homemade preserves really hit the spot, too! Try them all. You can also buy them to take home. Now, here’s the fried chicken, the 1/4 white version:

Fried chicken at Loveless Cafe.

Fried chicken at Loveless Cafe.

Wow, what a feed! That coleslaw was also perfect. As you can see, a variety of sides round out this meal. Don’t forget the local beer. Prices are reasonable so don’t worry about the budget. Loveless Cafe is that rare joint that has grown over the years but retains its charm and dignity. Give it a try as soon as you can. I overheard staff talking about smoked ribs with watermelon sauce. I might be driving back there tomorrow.

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Computer Build, video

Building a computer is a fun, educational, and rewarding experience. If you have even the slightest interest in the technology behind your screen or in the box at your desk, give it a try. There’s lots of helpful videos on YouTube, not to mention a number of websites that will make the process easier. I wanted to build a computer for video editing and light gaming. Therefore, I went with an Intel i7 4790k processor on an ASUS Z97 Pro motherboard with SSD drives for system and storage. Will be adding a few more archive drives in the future when cash permits. So, here’s the video of building my system. I’m sure I made a bunch of mistakes not to mention doing some things out of order.

In the end, it all worked great. I’m well on my way to new video projects which will be a significant test of the system. So far, so good. Given how much fun this was, I’m thinking of building another one. First, I’ll put this one to the test by doing some serious video work on it. Hope to show the results soon here at The Bent Page. (By the way, sorry about the lousy sound on the video. Microphones and mixer will be employed on future studio projects after the remodel.)