Jack’s B-B-Q, Nashville, USA

Well, I thought I had the best brisket platter in my life a couple of times. In Texas, in the Carolinas, even in Aruba, I’ve had some darn good brisket. And then, I arrived in Nashville and went to Jack’s on Broadway, where all the music joints are located.

Exterior of Jack's BBQ on Broadway in Nashville, USA.

Exterior of Jack’s BBQ on Broadway in Nashville, USA.

Just walking in this joint, I knew it was going to be good. The delicious aroma was the first giveaway, as was the line, as were the smiles on everyone’s faces. Here’s a look at the interior:

Interior of Jack's BBQ on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Interior of Jack’s BBQ on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

So, I belly up to the buffet line and order a mixed meat platter as well as a brisket platter. Sides included baked beans, cole slaw, mac and cheese, et al. See the photo below:

Mixed meat and brisket platters at Jack's BBQ, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Mixed meat and brisket platters at Jack’s BBQ, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

The first bite of brisket was truly a WOW moment. Cooked low and slow with the right amount of smoke and love, that brisket topped my taste bud chart by far. The other meats, smoked sausage and ribs were darn good, too. I could see myself becoming a regular at this joint. Better renew my gym membership while I’m at it.

Baby Back Grill, Aruba

Baby Back Grill is one of those local joints in Aruba that will fill the hole in your gut. Here’s the grill all fired up.

The fire's hot at Baby Back Grill, Aruba.

The fire’s hot at Baby Back Grill, Aruba.

There are ribs and chicken on there, among other things. These are grilled meats, not low and slow roasted like you might expect. Bring your teeth and plan on chewing. So, here’s the ribs and chicken platter that includes corn on the cob, dinner roll, macaroni salad, and baked beans.

Ribs and Chicken mixed platter.

Ribs and Chicken mixed platter.

And here’s the fish platter (grouper) that came with salad and french fries.

Grouper platter.

Grouper platter.

And finally, here’s the menu, which as you can see, has plenty of selections.

Menu at Baby Back Grill

Menu at Baby Back Grill

Note those prices are in Aruban florins, meaning you get a good value. This place is on the end of the main shopping street in Oranjestaad. It’ll take a little creativity to find parking, but if you’re into this kind of food at low prices, go for it! Enjoy ever meal!

Hollywood Smokehouse Diner, Aruba

The Hollywood Smokehouse Diner is located in my favorite Aruba town, San Nicolaas, and the food is worth the drive. It’s easy to find, only 2 blocks from the Main Gate of the refinery. There’s plenty of parking in front. Thus, roll into town, go all the way to the end, and on the corner of Helfrichstraat you’ll find this place ready to serve up some Carolina-style pulled pork and Texas brisket that will impress hard-core barbeque lovers. Here’s a view of the outside. Love that Coca-Cola sign, too.

I opted to try two platters today, one pulled pork, the other beef brisket. Platters are served with cole slaw and a choice of sides. As you can see below, I opted for the potato salad and baked beans, both appropriate to the barbeque vibe. Feast your eyes upon this feast.

All that food for 18 and 22 florins respectively. The brisket is the melt-in-your mouth kind. The pulled pork is tender to the fork. You can also order up simple sides like french fries and so forth, if you’re in the mood for a quick snack on the way to or from Baby Beach. My recommendation, go for the whole meal. Mix and match a couple to share around the table, that way you’ll get the full experience of all the flavors. I might also mention that homemade barbeque sauces are tucked in with each meal. They are also top notch flavors, from mild to hot, hot. (Take the big bottle stuff from the grocery store and throw it away.)

To top the experience off you have Mike and Tina, owners of this joint. Great people, friendly, multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Papiamento), and ready to serve the best. My only problem is I’ll blow the buckle off my belt from chowing down here more often that I should. What a way to go.

Bon dia.