4 minute flight to Aruba

Want to fly to Aruba? Well, join me on this two-legged flight from Philadelphia International Airport, with a stop in Miami, landing in Aruba. You’ll be there in less than four minutes. Here’s the video to prove it.

Both flights were excellent. Cheerful cabin staff, good food, great landings, all you need to have a pleasant trip. My thanks to American Airlines for getting me there safely, on time, and in style. Bon dia!

Alternate Route to Aruba’s Airport

Sometimes, the main road between Aruba’s hotel area and the Queen Beatrix Airport is clogged with traffic and cruise ship passengers. There are several other routes, some easier than others. I made the following video to show one way to get around the center of Oranjestaad. Along the you’ll see a quick look at King Ribs, the Sultan, and Casa Vieja, three of my favorite local joints for quality food. Here’s the video:

Lots of turns but not a difficult drive, IF you’ve seen the route and know where you’re headed. Don’t forget those restaurants. Great places to snack and very reasonably priced. Bon dia.

Taxi Rates, Aruba

When you arrive at the Queen Beatrix Airport in sunny Aruba, you’ll probably be in a hurry to get to your hotel, timeshare, or other accommodation. Of course, there are plenty of taxis waiting. You’ll find a stand with a booth just outside the terminal where you’ll be handed a slip of paper specifying the rate for your trip in the cab. Here are the rates as of February 2012:

Taxi rate slip showing rates from Queen Beatrix Airport.

Taxi rate slip showing rates from Queen Beatrix Airport.

There you can see the most common destinations and amount you will pay in US dollars. Most cabs are very clean, operated by independent people, and a fun way to arrive in style. Enjoy your visit to One Happy Island.

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Aruba Airport Arrival Tips, video

Your arrival at the Queen Beatrix Airport in Aruba is generally easy. You’ll deplane, walk through the terminal, show your passport at immigration, and then collect your luggage. Once you exit the secure area, this video will show you where to find cell phone rentals, taxis, transfer buses, and rental cars. Check it out, especially that plane landing and the rope swing into the Caribbean at the end.

Hopefully, this video will help you navigate those first few minutes after you arrive and get you off to a great start enjoying all that Aruba has to offer. Bon dia.