Aruba Airport to Hotels, Driving Video

Here’s another one of my Aruba Driving Directions videos. This time, you’ll go from the Queen Beatrix Airport to both the low-rise and high-rise hotel area. Instead of driving through Oranjestaad along the waterfront, you’ll go inland to avoid what can be a very congested area. Depending upon the time of day, both routes can be busy, so be warned. Here it is:

As always, be careful while driving. If you have a passenger with you, let them enjoy the sights during that first, unfamiliar ride. Concentrate on the road. Enjoy your visit to Aruba! (For this video: Cameras and lenses by Nikon.)

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Alternate Route to Aruba’s Airport

Sometimes, the main road between Aruba’s hotel area and the Queen Beatrix Airport is clogged with traffic and cruise ship passengers. There are several other routes, some easier than others. I made the following video to show one way to get around the center of Oranjestaad. Along the you’ll see a quick look at King Ribs, the Sultan, and Casa Vieja, three of my favorite local joints for quality food. Here’s the video:

Lots of turns but not a difficult drive, IF you’ve seen the route and know where you’re headed. Don’t forget those restaurants. Great places to snack and very reasonably priced. Bon dia.

Driving to Charlie’s Bar, Aruba

Since 1994, I’ve been enjoying myself at Charlie’s Bar in San Nicolaas, Aruba. In fact, my novel, An Island Away, begins and ends there. It’s not a difficult place to find, but some people need a little help, so I made this video showing you how to get there. Just take the main highway, 1A, all the way south to San Nicolaas, where the video begins at the traffic circle on the west side of town.

There you have it: easy directions to follow. Charlie’s is a great place with lots of local characters coming and going. Stay a while, enjoy the shrimp, some drinks, and plenty of conversation. Bon dia.

Airport Circle, Aruba (video update)

A few months ago, I posted some photos here of the new traffic circle at Aruba’s Queen Beatrix Airport. Well, we’ve gone to full motion video, showing you an approach to the circle as if you’re coming FROM Oranjestaad and then entering the airport where you’ll see a few minor changes to the drop off zone. Then you exit the airport and go back around the circle to head TOWARD Oranjestaad and the main hotel area. Check it out.

I hope this is helpful for first time and regular visitors alike. More Aruba driving directions on the way, so check back frequently. Bon dia.