Cigar Emporium, Aruba

The Cigar Emporium is located in the Renaissance Mall in the heart of Oranjestaad, Aruba. Stopping in here for cigars, accessories, or even a cappuccino can be a enjoyable time. I was there recently and made this little video to show you the place.

As that video shows, a wide selection of cigars can be purchased from the humidor where they’re kept in top condition. On Friday’s they have a great happy hour. Various rums can be tasted while you enjoy that cigar and conversation with friends and new acquaintances. Bon dia.

Plaza Bookshop, Aruba

The Plaza Bookshop located in the Dakota area of Aruba has recently changed ownership. The new owners are busy making improvements that regular visitors will recognize immediately.

The photo above shows the ample parking and fresh paint on the building. Inside you’ll find a wide selection of magazines, books, greeting cards, and craft supplies. There is also a copy center.

Many languages are represented in the periodicals and books here, including English, Dutch, and Spanish.

Recently, the Plaza Bookshop has been hosting Saturday flea markets with plenty of bargains to be had if that’s your preferred way to shop.

When roaming about the island, take a moment to stop in here. You’ll find plenty of interesting things and meet a friendly staff willing to help you find that special item.

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Underground, Aruba

Underground Aruba is a place to find hot rods, clothes, and other “kustom kulture” items. The storefront is located on L.G. Smith Blvd, on the access road and you can’t miss it. Here’s one of the hot rods.

ucaraIn this land of tiny imported cars, hotrods and low riders like the one above really stand out. Here’s another one.

ucarcThe price of gas may be high, but why not take a cruise like it’s 1957 again? You might enjoy yourself. And dig the custom art found on the door of one of the cars.

ucardClassy with the dice, the pin-up girl, and the martini glass all in one. They sell clothing and accessories in this store, including the Hardy line and so forth, which might be right up your alley. Here the sign so you won’t miss the place.

ucarbJust be careful behind the wheel during your island stay.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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