Vatican Museum Tour, part 2

Continuing with the Vatican Museum tour, here’s some video and stills from the Hall of Maps. These maps were commissioned by the Pope to make an accurate renderings of various areas. Here’s the video where they turn on the lights first thing in the morning:

Here are some still photos that show some detail, including this view of Italy:


The person standing on the left gives a sense of scale. Here’s another map, this time of Venice. There will be some posts about Venice here on the blog later.

DSC_3245The maps contain insets of various town and cities as you see next:

DSC_3242And another example here:

DSC_3241More to come in the next post.

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Arpinelli Relais, Rome, Italy

If you’re looking for a place located in the center of Rome, Arpinelli Relais might just work for you. It’s a family house type of accommodation with one floor dedicated to rental rooms with a central dining room. There’s an elevator (lift) to take you up. The rooms are well-appointed:

DSC_3063Comfortable beds, a window for natural light, and storage area for your clothing and luggage:

DSC_3065Bathroom also features everything you need:


Including very nice toiletries:

DSC_3067Here’s a look at the central dining area:

DSC_3068Which had a little prep area for coffee and such:

DSC_3069Enjoy a very nice stay here and walked to the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, as well as back from the Vatican. Linger if you can!

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Pantheon, Rome, Italy

The crowds at the Pantheon jostled me, causing an out of focus exterior photo that I was unaware of until later. Quite a disappointment. However, my interior shots came out okay.

DSC_3082Entering through the massive doors is quite an experience, diminished by the surge of people.


Still an impressive structure built by the Romans and later converted to a Catholic facility.

DSC_3084Here’s that out of focus exterior shot, just for fun.

DSC_3077So many people.

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Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

Like many famous public sites in Rome, the Trevi Fountain can be crowded to the point where taking a decent photo is practically impossible. I managed to snap this one on a lucky afternoon.

DSC_3073I went back early in the morning a few days later and tried again:

+V9XrGQITWyB%QEW2g1WygThe light wasn’t as good, hence the grey-looking statuary. However, on that same morning I saw a photographer working with a couple of models featuring wedding attire:

EKVlEK9wTOugnnREKQ8wlQIf you’re going to visit this site, do it early, then go to breakfast.

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