SS United States (night)

The SS United States remains in Philadelphia at this time. Rumor has it, the ship will be moved into a graving dock for an inspection. Some years ago, I was testing a camera at night and took this footage.

The ship had ghost-like feel that night. In any case, she retains the record for fastest transatlantic voyage. It will be interesting to see if she gets a new life. Stay tuned!

Cruis Ship Evening, Aruba

Still working with the iPhone and now the iPad movie making video apps. The other app became very frustrating for editing, so I returned to iMovie, which is much easier although it does lack some of the capabilities. What works… works. At any rate, here’s a look at Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas, docked in Oranjestaad, Aruba.

Of course, in low light the iPhone and iPad cameras are mediocre at best. Then again, cameras, like eyes, require light. The better the light, the better the image, regardless of the camera because the camera is merely recording what’s there to the best of its ability. The work continues.

Bound for Sea

Here’s a photo I took from Aruba’s Surfside Marina, looking at the Caribbean with a departing cruise ship and Pincho’s Restaurant.

Cruise ship departs Aruba with Pincho's Restaurant, foreground.

Cruise ship departs Aruba with Pincho’s Restaurant, foreground.

It was a beautiful night and I managed to snap this photo in the middle of a wedding that was taking place there. The bride and groom couldn’t have asked for a more perfect evening. Bon dia.

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Carnival Freedom, Aruba

Carnival’s Freedom called at Aruba this week. Cruise ship passengers enjoyed an “off-season” visit to the island. Here’s a photo of the ship approaching the harbor at Oranjestaad.

Carnival Freedom approaches Aruba.

Freedom was the only ship in port on this day, which meant easy access to tours, shops, and the beaches which are not very crowded at present. Either way, Aruba is one happy island with plenty to offer the cruise passenger, including shopping, water activities, even sky diving. Enjoy your visit.