Moonrise Supper, Trujillo

The moon was rising over Trujillo, Spain. The sun had set, draining the sky of light.

The statue of Pizarro looked out over a mostly empty plaza mayor. Only a short distance from here stands a row of restaurants, and it was to one that I was bound.

There was a kindly gentlemen standing in front of this place and he handed me a menu to peruse. Finding several dishes that appealed to me, I decided to take one of those tables above. Immediately, I noticed small details that indicated this was a good choice.

The individual oil and vinegar bottles were just one example of the small things that make a big difference. Service was about the best I had in Spain. Of course, I like to start with a salad and the kitchen assembled two varieties. One was the standard mixed greens, vegetables, hard boiled eggs and so on.

All the ingredients were off the farm fresh. The other salad involved more exotic items like anchovies and goat cheese.

Again, freshness and flavor ruled the day. Considering the enormous size of these starters, I was severely concerned about my ability to consume the main course. One was a stuffed salmon as seen next.

As I’m not a fish eater, I had the pork skewer. Thankfully, the portion was reasonable.

Again, you see the details tended to here with a plate appropriate to the style of the dish. No big deal, some might say. Yes it is, I retort. A place that gets the small things right is bound to carry it all the way to the end. And this place did. Sadly, I came up short and was unable to have dessert. My own fault for packing down two big courses and bottle of wine. Ah, well, it was well worth it.

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Posada Dos Orillas, Trujillo

Welcome to Trujillo, Spain, that town of conquistadors, a fine castle, and the Posada Dos Orillas. Located in the oldest part of town, only a short walk from the castle, this posada is quiet and comfortable with a wide selection of rooms.

We arrived in the middle of the morning and there was construction in the Plaza Mayor which meant we couldn’t access the hotel by the route I planned. No problem, I parked in a garage, took only the essentials for an overnight stay, and walked back. It was good exercise and an opportunity to explore another set of streets.
The reception area above gets you off to a good start. From here you can get oriented, ask questions to obtain local info, and get the password for the network. The building itself is a reformed palacio with a fair number of nooks and crannies. You’ll go through a passage or two like this on the way to your room.

You can see style and good taste on display in that photo as you will find it throughout the facility. In our room we had plenty of space in terms of sleeping, sitting, and closets.

The bathroom featured the necessities you require plus a hair dryer for those who want to remain well coiffed.

At ground level there is a restaurant. Sadly we did not have a chance to try it. However, here’s a look at the seating there.

I like the fabric stretched overhead. Although it was late April when I visited Trujillo, already the temperatures were plenty warm. Keeping the sun at bay makes things a bit more comfortable. The next morning we enjoyed the breakfast of the house and departed this lovely establishment. If I have the chance to return to Trujillo, I would definitely stay here again.

Auto Navigation

There are dozens of GPS navigation devices available these days. You can use them in your car, on your bicycle, or while hiking in the woods. The ones that I’ve used have done a fairly good job. For example, while in Spain, I loaded the European maps onto the memory and found them to be quite accurate. Here’s a screen shot of the unit on the windshield of my rental car while in Segovia, Spain.

In the lower left corner of the photo you’ll see the tangle of streets that is Segovia. Directly ahead stands the Roman aqueduct. The software which provides guidance from point to point can make some unusual suggestions, sending you on less than optimal roads even though you select “fastest” or “highway” or a similar restriction. Still, it was better than paper maps in that it is constantly scrolling along with you as you drive. Not to mention that it is smaller and lighter.

In planning a trip as long and with as many stops as this last one to Spain, I always print out basic maps from one hotel to the next, or one specific sight to a hotel as a backup in case the GPS unit fails, is stolen, or other unforeseen act like sunspots that render it inoperable. Plus, those printouts serve as a basis to build the photo album later. Enjoy the journey!

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Segovia Cathedral, Spain

Spain, England, France, it doesn’t matter where, I have yet to find a cathedral I didn’t like. The cathedral in Segovia, Spain, is one of the largest in Europe. It towers over the town and anyone who enters its environs. This was my second visit to Segovia, and I didn’t pass up the opportunity to make a video. Take a look.

To think that video only showed a small portion of what was inside. The people walking about give a sense of scale to the building. They barely rise to the top of the bases of those massive columns. There are many more relics, chapels, and paintings to be seen, too. Bring a jacket because all that stone holds the cold air, which also makes it a nice place to step in when it’s hot outside. The cat at the end was one of several living on the back steps. I’ll have some photos and video of them in the future.

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