Segovia Cathedral, some details

As mentioned in the previous post, here are some details from Segovia’s Cathedral. There are a number of ceremonial objects on display, including these vestments:

DSC_2878There there are statues from various periods:

DSC_2881Which show the change in style, technique, and taste in how they’ve evolved:

DSC_2880You’ll also find some equipment from the period when the cathedral was built:

DSC_2892Thus, the cathedral is a sort of living history museum while at the same time a functioning religious site. There are literally hundreds of things to see and experience here, so take your time.


Cathedral, Segovia, Spain

Segovia’s Cathedral stands atop the hill in the old town, fronting a plaza that has an excellent market.

DSC_2872Like many historical structures, the cathedral has been repaired and reconstructed lately, which I was glad to see because the last time I was here I could not get inside.

DSC_2884The towering columns are clean, showing the master stonework. The detail photo below reveals the remnants of paint that once adorned the columns.

DSC_2879There’s plenty of gold leaf around the pipe organ as well:

DSC_2896Note the people in the photo above, which provide scale to the size of this structure. I’ll post again about some of the art in the cathedral. Check back soon!

Astorga Cathedral, Spain

The square towers of Astorga’s Cathedral stand tall over the town as well as the nearby Episcopal Palace designed by Gaudí.

DSC_2819.JPGNote the different colors due to the fact that the towers were built at different times. Inside, you’ll find some incredible artwork such as the tableau shown in the next photo.


This is not the largest Cathedral in Spain, but, like all of them, it has it’s own story and grace.

DSC_2809I can look at these places again and again, appreciating the work it took to build them. Take your time, find a quiet spot, and just listen to the stones.

DSC_2802Enjoy every visit!

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Most of the cathedrals I’ve seen are hundreds and hundreds of years old. It’s the rare opportunity to see one under construction. However, in Barcelona, Spain, you can see La Sagrada Familia in the works.

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.

While I’m not a fan of Gaudi, I must admit, this cathedral is spectacular. The detail is as dramatic as the sweeping spires.

Entrance to La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.

Entrance to La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.

Be sure to get your tickets in advance. If not, you’ll wait literally hours to get inside. And it’s worth it! So get those tickets and see this place. Magnificent.


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