Hollywood Smokehouse update…

During my last visit to Aruba, the Hollywood Smokehouse and Diner had just opened in my favorite town of San Nicolaas. Well, upon arrival, I made plans to stop in for some great food and, man, was I well-satisfied. Mike, the owner, was there. He updated me on new things on the island before setting me up with a couple of brisket platters for take away. And here’s the sight to behold:

That’s a beef brisket platter with cole slaw, potato salad, and beans for the low price of afl. 22.00. (About $12 US) Fair enough and plenty filling. That brisket will cut with a fork so forget the knife. Plus, chatting with Mike and the other patrons enhances the experience if you eat in. On you way to or from Baby Beach or just rambling about the island, don’t miss the Hollywood Smokehouse and Diner. Most excellent and highly recommended. Here is a shot of the menu card.

And the opposite side showing the location and the story of the place.

No excuses! Get there and fill in your bikini.