Iguana Hatchery

Aruba is well known for its many iguanas. If you like to observe large numbers of these creatures in action, head over to the Seaport Marina, out by the ocean. You’ll find herds of them in various sizes like this one:

It seems he’s guarding his post there by the sea. He wasn’t alone, either. I counted at least another ten, and after a short walk toward the Renaissance timeshare building, there were probably another ten. If you have your kids along for a visit to Aruba it would be good material for a little science report. I once read that iguanas can become addicted to lettuce and end up killing themselves by not eating other matter with more nutritional value. Incredible. Bon dia.

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Iguana Harry, Aruba

Harry the Iguana lives at the Paradera Park Apartments, located as you would expect in the Paradera neighborhood on the island of Aruba. Debby de Weerd, the manager at PPA took this photo of him.

pict0126Brilliant photograph of Harry, eh? There are tons of Iguanas on this island, most of them not very large. However, from time to time, you come across one that is three feet long. Just one of the many types of wildlife, like those owls I posted about a while ago, that can be found here.

More important, if you’re looking for a different place to stay for your island retreat, give the Paradera Park Apartments a try. They are located inland, away from the crowds of the high-rise area. Yet, the beaches, restaurants, and sights are only a short drive away. The rates are more reasonable, which allows for a longer stay on the same budget. Furthermore, you’ll meet interesting people who like to get off the beaten path, explore, and experience a culture from the inside out. This year, I had the good fortune of meeting Judith, who introduced me to her friend Will, and so on and so on and so on. This is an aspect of Aruba that makes it the cross-cultural mecca that it is, thanks to places like the Paradera Park Apartments.

So, if you see Harry, say, “Bon dia,” and if you’d like check out the Paradera Park Apartments, give this link a try: http://www.paraderapark-aruba.com/. It’s a good place to start your travel planning.

Bon dia from Aruba.