A cat named TITAN

Meet TITAN. He’s about the biggest cat I’ve ever seen in Aruba, which is why I gave him this name. (Don’t know what his owner calls him.)

Titan the Cat, relaxes at sunset.

Titan the Cat, relaxes at sunset.

For years I used to see him there by the house where he lives. Then, I didn’t see him for about six months and thought he’d finally passed on. However, just yesterday, I spotted him back in his old place. He’s got to be at least 25-30 pounds. He’s also got a little bit of an attitude now and then. Either way, an amazing example of the cat world here in Aruba.

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Fred (Aruba)

Enter from stage left, Fred. He’s a new stray cat that showed up on my patio last week. He’s a bit skittish, but not afraid to pull a caper on Tux, the other stray cat, who’s been around for several years. Fred sneaks in while Tux is asleep on a perch in a corner. Fred proceeds to munch on Tux’s food than darts away. Here’s a pic of Fred, the caper cat:

Fred, the caper cat, Aruba

Fred, the caper cat, Aruba

Clearly, Fred is related to Tux: brother, cousin, both? Not sure, but he’s a cool cat and will be well-treated here.

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Tony and Jezebel, Aruba

So, behind my shack in Aruba, I have bit of land where some chickens like to linger. I started feeding them last year. Lo and behold, more chickens. Here’s a shot of Tony and his main hen, Jezebel.

Tony and Jezebel, my Aruba chickens.

Tony is one tough character. He attacks any other rooster that comes around and isn’t afraid to stand up to the smaller stray cats. That’s a bit risky because when the food gets short, those cats may turn on him. Either way, these chickens are absolutely hilarious as they go about their day. If you know where to find it, entertainment is cheap on this island. Jezebel had a couple of peeps recently. We’ll have to wait and see how many make it. To date, the flock numbers 4 hens (Jezebel plus Daisy, Maisy, and Crazie) and Tony, plus a few itinerant roosters named Bill and Al. Peeps don’t get a name until they grow up. Stand by for updates in the fall when next we check the flock.

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Avalanche, Aruba

The white cat pictured below lives down the road from my house. I see him frequently on my way to and from my shack. He’s got a bit of a mean disposition, doesn’t take any crap from anyone or other animals. I saw him backing down a dog a few days ago. Hence the name, AVAL, as in avalanche. Here’s his pic:

Aval as in Avalanche, an Aruban cat.

More Aruban cat photos on the way. A word to the wise… if you see this guy sleeping on the step, don’t bother him. Bon dia.

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