MD-80’s are retiring

After many years of venerable service, the MD-80’s in the American Airlines fleet are being retired. I had a great flight aboard one recently and had the good fortune to make his short video:

The pilots were great guys, giving me the opportunity to capture footage with my Osmo Pocket camera. Thanks to them and American Airlines.

Air Force One

Today’s post takes a look at Air Force One from the Reagan Era. This airplane now resides at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, USA.


Here’s a lock at the cockpit, which is quite primitive compared to the panels in today’s aircraft.


Lots of analog instrumentation there. Perfectly functional as the many years of service proves. Inside the passenger area, you’ll find rather spartan accommodations for a head of state. Sorry, I wasn’t able to snap any photos of that area.

If you enjoy vintage aircraft and American History, this is definitely worth a visit.


Marine One Helicopter

During a recent visit to the Reagan Presidential Library, I had the opportunity of walking through Marine One, the helicopter that transported the President. This short video shows you the helicopter inside and out:

Not my best quality video, but you can see how spartan the interior was. Granted, this craft is for short hops. More to come on the Reagan Library soon. Thanks for viewing.

Blue Sky Fly

There have been some perfect weather days. That is, perfect weather days for flying. Low humidity, light winds, clear sky over head. Here’s a view looking at the very northern reaches of the Chesapeake Bay:

Upper reaches of the Chesapeake Bay as seen from a Diamond DA-40.

Upper reaches of the Chesapeake Bay as seen from a Diamond DA-40.

Here’s another view in which you can almost see forever.

The view from a Diamond DA-40.

The view from a Diamond DA-40.

And just for fun, here’s a look at the instrument panel in that Diamond DA-40:

Instrument panel of a Diamond DA-40.

Instrument panel of a Diamond DA-40.

The DA-40 hums along at 130 knots. That expansive canopy provides plenty of visibility. And on days like this one, it’s awesome. Always do your checklist!