Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

Like many famous public sites in Rome, the Trevi Fountain can be crowded to the point where taking a decent photo is practically impossible. I managed to snap this one on a lucky afternoon.

DSC_3073I went back early in the morning a few days later and tried again:

+V9XrGQITWyB%QEW2g1WygThe light wasn’t as good, hence the grey-looking statuary. However, on that same morning I saw a photographer working with a couple of models featuring wedding attire:

EKVlEK9wTOugnnREKQ8wlQIf you’re going to visit this site, do it early, then go to breakfast.

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Sistine Chapel, a few photos

In a previous post, I put up the video from inside the Sistine Chapel. Now, I add a few still photos taken with my Nikon 1 AW and that beautiful wide angle lens. The first is Michaelangelo’s apocalypse which is behind the altar:

DSC_3266And here is a view of the ceiling:

DSC_3279And a slightly closer shot of the center of the ceiling:


The next view gives you a sort of perspective on the chapel:


I was fortunate to have the early morning “Waking the Vatican” tour when photos were permitted. It was worth arriving on-site at 5:45 AM. I’d do it again and pay the price to view this magnificent art work. Coming soon: A post from inside St. Peter’s.

Colosseum, video

Here’s another look at the Colosseum from the interior, this time a video pan from the floor level. It gives you a good sense of what it might have been like looking up at the audience.

If you have the time, take in as much of the Colosseum as possible, including a tour of the substructures, the highest points, and around the exterior. A knowledgeable guide or doing your homework about the site will make any visit that much better.

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Colosseum, interior

As promised in the previous post, here are some views from the interior of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. My visit entered at street level. However, I snapped this pic from further up:

DSC_3420The wide-angle perspective above does give a sense of the scale of the Colosseum. Use the people down below to gauge the size. Here’s another view, more from floor level:

DSC_3390The photo above gives a sense of what it would have been like to be in the arena looking up at the audience. Next is a look at the substructure beneath the arena floor:

DSC_3399In those rooms and corridors people and animals were prepped for the show. What a horror it must have been. Finally, here are a few photos showing access to the arena and the view from the Colosseum out toward Rome.

DSC_3412Looking out:

DSC_3426When visiting the Colosseum, wear sturdy shoes and be prepared for lots of stairs, walking, and standing. Enjoy.

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