Pompeii, house interior

Looking through the windows and doorways of homes in Pompeii reveals the lifestyle of some of the residents. They appreciated their art work. In this post, we take a look at the mosaic in the entranceway of one house:

DSC_3150Quite the statement there in the foyer. And check out the arrangement of the next house with more mosaic flooring and a shrine toward the rear:


These were spacious homes of the wealthy for sure. Here’s a variation of the courtyard, complete with columns and greenery.

DSC_3151In the next post, we’ll look closer at the wall paintings. Check back soon!

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Scenes in Tile, Madrid

Of course Spain is famous for it’s tile work. I came across too many examples to include them all. However, one building, a restaurant if I recall correctly, truly stood above the rest. This place featured iconic scenes from each of Spain’s regions portrayed in beautiful tiles all along the facade. Here are five of them. Can you guess the locales they depict?

How about this one?

Come on! That was easy, the name is in the bottom of the scene. Try again.

Only a few more.

Okay. Last one.

Great work, isn’t it? I only wish some people here in the USA would go back to the classic style. All this modern architecture is quite sterile. It leaves you thinking you’re in a 1960’s Stanley Kubrick movie. I’d rather have the Spanish flair from some years gone by. Ole!

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