Pompeii, house interior

Looking through the windows and doorways of homes in Pompeii reveals the lifestyle of some of the residents. They appreciated their art work. In this post, we take a look at the mosaic in the entranceway of one house:

DSC_3150Quite the statement there in the foyer. And check out the arrangement of the next house with more mosaic flooring and a shrine toward the rear:


These were spacious homes of the wealthy for sure. Here’s a variation of the courtyard, complete with columns and greenery.

DSC_3151In the next post, we’ll look closer at the wall paintings. Check back soon!

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Roof Tiles and Styles

At last we’re ready to put the roof on a house in Aruba. You have your choice of tiles here. Some are the standard, uniform Spanish clay tiles. Others are the glazed blue “Dutch tiles.” Lately they’ve been importing ones that look rustic. Whatever your choice, tiles are a great way to keep the weather out. Here’s a look at a house that’s going to get those blue tiles.

The above photo is a little difficult to work with. It’s the house in the back of the photo where you see the blue tile on the upper roof and lower roof is ready for installation. The roof in the foreground is sheet metal, which can be a good, economical alternative for this climate. Nothing beats the look and durability of those glazed tiles, however. At least in my humble opinion. The next photo shows some of those rustic tiles, here used on a front wall and entrance gate.

And then there are the flat tiles used below to cover awnings on the side of a house as shown below. This dresses the house up and gives it a classy, totally finished look.

So we’ve gone from the foundation to the roof. Next weekend, I’ll post about some of the internal issues, like water sytems, electrical, and so forth. In the mean time, we’ll stop into some restaurants, a few hotels, and maybe a run to the beach or something. Thanks for stopping by.