De Palm Island, Aruba

De Palm Tours operates an island attraction just a few hundred yards off shore of Aruba. In the next photo, you’ll see it from above.

You’ll find plenty of activities on De Palm Island. Snorkeling, water slides, beaches, and snacks all await your arrival. A small boat takes you from the main island out here and runs regular service back and forth all day. Bring your swimsuit, your towel, and a smile. You’ll have a great time.

Bon dia from Aruba.

Rolling In!

If you remember a few blog posts back I had the pleasure of a ride and some basic training in the Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter. Well, today, I was fortunate enough to enjoy lesson Number 2. What a blast! We took off, headed south, and focused on maintaining course. Then came some climbs and descents, a bit of practice turning while remaining on station, and then a few laps around the pattern. I’m starting to get the feel for the cyclic, which is a fine touch indeed. At any rate, here’s a shot looking straight ahead as we roll in to Runway 9 on final approach.

If your computer is like mine, you can click on that photo and enlarge it. Either way, we rolled a little the other way to line up and it looked like this:

The airspeed indicator shows about 52 knots. I usually come in on final in the Cessna 172 at 65 knots, so this felt a little slow. If I keep going for rides like this, I’ll be hooked on this helicopter flying thing. It’s even more addictive than airplanes. Remember: Always do your checklist!