Threshold at 11, Aruba

When landing at Aruba, most flights use Runway 11 due to the prevailing winds from the east, south east. Lately the wind has been variable with some planes landing from the other direction. Either way, Queen Beatrix Airport has plenty of room to accommodate the largest aircraft, including the Boeing 747 which arrives from Amsterdam a couple of times a week. Here’s a look at the threshold of Runway 11 for my flying pals who can never get enough of this kind of thing.

It has to be a beautiful sight from the left seat of jetliner, coming in over the scattered reefs and shoals dotting the blue Caribbean. I’ve heard stories from the old days of my pals riding the jump seat. That was back when things like that were permitted. These days, we’re stuck in the back, catching a glimpse here and there. Unless… well… unless the flying club gets their Cessna going again. Then I’d be quite happy to take a trip around the pattern and see it first hand.

Bon dia from Aruba.

Final at Smoketown

Last week an interesting flight came up. The Cessna 172 airplane that I normally fly had just completed its 100 hour inspection and needed to be transferred from the field where the mechanics are located to its home base. It was my lucky day to make the run. Teaming up with Rick (a highly competent flight instructor and all around decent follow), we headed west to Smoketown Airport, which is located near those famous outlets in Lancaster County, PA, USA. Rick flew the outbound leg, giving me the opportunity to snap a few photos. Here we are on final approach at Smoketown.

The runway is a little narrow and not very long, but plenty of room for a 172 to land and take off. Sure enough the other plane was ready and waiting. I preflighted, warmed up, and headed east through the haze. It was a short hop but those flights are good for polishing basic skills. Never enough practice is a good motto. In the last couple of days the haze has lightened, only to be replaced by thundershowers. Still, there’s plenty of good weather to fly. Make the most of it.