Cathedral in the Sand, Aruba

Walking Palm Beach on a Sunday morning in Aruba, you may find some ambitious sculptors at work. Some photos have been posted before, but this one is probably the most impressive to date. This fellow created a beautiful cathedral using nothing but the sand from the beach.

When we arrived on the scene, he was putting the finishing touches on one of the wings. Let’s go in for a closer look.

This creation has all the majesty of the real thing. The fellow who made it has a very steady hand because those open spaces had to be carved out and one slip would have sent the wall tumbling. The sad part is the sea will wash it all away. Still, a beautiful presentation while it lasts.

Bon dia.

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Castle in the Sand, Aruba

My wife and I were walking along the beach the other day and came across the fine example of sand castle construction. It was built by a father-daughter team who seemed to be having a blast. Take a look:

I give them an “A” for creativity and an “A+” for execution. That ball on the top is a nice touch.

Bon dia.

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