Homemade MRE, intro video

Some decades ago, the military created the Meal Ready to Eat, aka MRE. The concept was that everything in the pouch could be eaten with minimal (if any) preparation. Over the years, these meals have improved significantly. Nonetheless, there are those of us that like to create our own, tailored to our tastes or specific requirements. Hence, I came up with a name: Shipwreck Rations. Here’s a video introducing my concept.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll see a total of four individual meals and two 24HR packs. Each one is truly an MRE, meaning you can eat them as is. There’s also a heating method, either flameless ration heater or micro stove, to warm them up. These are useful to have on hand for disaster both man-made and natural, as well as camping, bicycle treks, flying safaris, and much more. Keep one or two at work in case you have to shelter in place. Either way, it is better to be prepared than to be hungry! Enjoy every meal.

XMRE, Menu 4, video review

Here’s another review of a “meal ready to eat.” This one is made by XMRE Meals, and it is Menu 4. Here’s the video:

I have to say, these meals are quite tasty. There’s plenty of calories and decent nutrition as well. I prefer them to the freeze dried type of food. ┬áIf you’re putting together a kit for a natural disaster, XMRE’s would be a good addition. I will be reviewing a few more in the near future, so check back frequently.

Ready for the storm? (photo)

Well, people went a little bonkers getting ready for the storm. As you see in the photo below, they wiped out the bread aisle of my local grocery:

Bread gone before the hurricane.

Can’t blame people for stocking up. However, I just hope all this food doesn’t go to waste. It’s always wise to be prepared for a natural disaster, but do the right thing with your supplies.

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Freeze Dried Food

It is hurricane season and in some parts of the world winter is also on the way. In other words, it’s time to think about being prepared for some inconveniences such as the loss of power or having to be temporarily relocated. One of the things you can do is have some freeze dried food on hand. Of course, you’ll also need a camp stove (or other type of fire) to boil water to use this food. (I’ll be reviewing a camp stove in a couple of weeks.) I decided to try a couple of meals from Wise Company. Here’s one on the video:

That was a substantial meal with decent taste. The one thing you want to be careful of with this stuff is the sodium content. Read the nutritional information on the side of the package for complete details. It’s always good to be prepared and having several of these meals around may make life a whole lot more comfortable in the event of a national disaster or other problem.